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Glory Stack Memorial

Scholarship Fund


Support Your Local High School Graduates



The Mission of the Glory Stack Memorial Scholarship Fund is to provide scholarship funding for two female students from Henderson County, NC who are aspiring to get a degree in a STEM field at a four year university. Each recipient of a scholarship will receive a $18,000 scholarship disbursed at $4,500 per year for four years.  

More Details

The recipients will exhibit similar determination and kindness as Glory.  Glory was known as a very kind and thoughtful person. However, she always stood up for what she wanted and was very competitive.   She was a BSME graduate of Rutgers University, the only female in her graduating class.  As part of that class she was selected to join a National Student Competition Team.  They designed and flew a small plane utilizing a VW engine they rebuilt.  They took 1st place in the competition beating MIT.  She was the first female to join the GE Industrial Turbine Technical Marketing team.  A position she was first told was not  “proper” for a woman.  She continued a very varied career at several large and small companies, including starting her own franchise business.  Of a group of over a dozen, Glory was the only franchise to last more than a year and the only one to be profitable.  She was also the director of a local town Arts Council.  She ended her career to take care of her mom who became a widow and eventually suffered from Alzheimer’s.  Glory always remembered the strong role God played in her successes, connecting and giving back through her involvement with various church charities and groups.

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