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Application Requirements

  • Female, US Citizen

  • Accepted at any accredited four year University with a targeted Major in a STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math.

  • A practicing Christian

  • Essay.  500 words or less on "How I overcame an obstacle to attain a goal"  Mirror Glory's attributes

  • High School GPA.  Minimum 3.2 

  • Biography. Emphasize - Clubs, Activities demonstrating Leadership and/or Assertiveness (500 words or less)

  • Financial Need - score

  • References (non-family member, select teacher, counselor, religious mentor, coach, other)

Award Selection Criterea


1) Who can apply?

      Scholarships from GSMSF are exclusively for residents of Henderson County, NC or others graduating from any of the High Schools in Henderson County.  Home Schooled applicants are welcome.

2)  Is Nursing considered a STEM Major?

       The US Department of Education does not consider Nursing a STEM Major, however if you narrow the field of study it often is a STEM.  Consider Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse Practitioner, Exercise Science, or Physical Therapy.  Also, since a career in nursing often requires a Masters to become an RN or Nurse Practitioner consider your undergraduate degree to be a STEM degree such as biology or pharmacy.


3)  If my degree is middle or high school education, but I plan to minor in Chemistry or Math or other science, do I qualify?

       No, this does not qualify.  However, you may consider making your minor your major and then focus on education as you later pursue your Masters. 

4)  Will I be I disqualified if I do not have referral letters?

       No, You are not disqualified, but the odds of being selected are zero.  Remember the person you are requesting a reference letter from need time to properly highlight your intellectual promise, motivation, determination, independence, initiative, leadership, involvement in community service and other extracurricular activities.  They can make you shine. In your written request to them you should tell them the scholarship to which you are applying, and the deadline for submission.  Refer them to the website. 

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